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Heavy duty commercial vehicle engine air filter application

2021-01-07 View:

The Engine is the most important assembly in the finished automobile. It provides power to the automobile and its efficiency influences the performance of the finished automobile. The function of the air inflow system is to provide s low flow resistance, clean and dry, humidity appropriate air to confirm that the engine has good performance. Air filter is the key part of the air inflow system, so it can reduce the dust density to the acceptable standard, removin g the big particle, reducing the engine noise and try to reduce the flow resistance, so that it can meets the engines’ requirements

The good match performance air filter can prolong the lifetime of the engine and improve its performance, which can also reduce the engine wearing. The engine with good filtration system can use even longer and has full burning. What’s more, it can reduce energy consumption and waste gas discharge

1. The classification of air filter

Normally there are two kinds of air filters, they are oil bath air filter and dry type air filter. Oil bath air filter can be divided into light load and medium load, while dry type air filter has light load, medium load, heavy load, and over heavy load and long life over heavy load

2. The working principle of air filter

Oil bath air filter principle: Through the continuous oil bath to clear the air inflow. Inside is normally one or two element that is spiraled by metal wire and then place an oil pool. The air that was sucked into the air filter face the oil pool directly and after hitting the oil, the direction of the air flow will change totally and then forward in opposite direction. During this abrupt change of the direction, the impurities in the air will be brought to the oil pool because of inertia and then was adhered to oil pool bottom. Because of the air hitting the oil pool, inside air filter appears oil drop, the remaining dust will be collected to these oil drops. Then, oil drop will be stucked into the gap of the metal wire, while the clean air will flow out from the top of the element, the oil drop that is separated will flow back to the oil pool.

The principle of Dry type of air filter: take advantage of the sifter which is made up of filter media fiber, screening the dust particle of the air, of course there are other filtration method like flow resistance, collision, brown movement to achieve the filtration function. It can install safe element and install different kinds of coarse strainer to reach higher ash content and prolong the maintenance period of air filter

3. The choice of air filter

The principle of choosing air filter is to meet the needs of full development of the engine performance, low resistance of air inflow, high efficiency of filters. It usually considers three aspects: rated air flow, air inflow resistance and filtration efficiency which makes the air filter best

The air filter good and bad performance and quality will influence the main performance of the engine and its life directly. So no matter from design, production and usage, maintenance, it should attach much importance to air filter

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