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【Meiruier Filter】Excavator filter performance

2024-07-02 View:

Excavator filter function
The role of the excavator filter is to remove contaminants entering the hydraulic oil, or fuel circuit, thereby preventing wear on the equipment that makes up the circuit. The excavator filter contains a sheet of paper or plastic filter film that captures contaminants mixed with the liquid as it flows through the filter. Improper assembly or installation should be avoided because the gap between the filter film and the filter element allows the liquid to pass through the unfiltered unit.

Excavator filter performance
Filter performance is usually determined by filtration accuracy and ° value. Filtration accuracy is determined by filter performance tests and expressed in micron units such as 10μm or 20μm. In addition, a grade of "°10=1.5" indicates that the number of particles 10μm upstream of the filter, or larger, divided by the number of particles of the same size in the downstream filter is 1.5. In other words, the higher the value, the greater the amount of particles captured and, therefore, the higher the performance of the filter.

The high capture rate, that is, the ability to remove large amounts of contaminants, also means that the filtration film clogs relatively quickly. Therefore, increasing the surface area of the filter element can extend the service life of the filter without affecting the filter capture performance.

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