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【Meiruier Filter】Tractor air filter use precautions

2024-07-01 View:

Do not neglect the use of primary centrifugal filters
The oil bath type air filter is composed of three stages, the first stage is a dry basin type centrifugal filter, which is composed of a blade, a dust collecting bowl, a coarse filter cover closure and a coarse filter connecting pipe.
The blade is to get a directional rotating air flow, and the dust bowl both acts as a guide and can store dust. The blades and dust collecting bowls must be installed correctly to prevent air leakage, otherwise they cannot reach the role of the centrifugal filter and aggravate the wear of the engine.

Method for checking the filtration sealing effect of air filter
Remove the air filter outlet pipe, see if the inner wall color is the original machine color, and touch the inner wall of the intake pipe to see if there is dust. If the inner wall of the filter outlet pipe is gray in color and there is dust on the inner wall of the intake pipe, it indicates that the filtration effect of the air filter is not good, or the air filter outlet pipe is not tightly sealed, and it is necessary to find the cause in time and repair it.

Precautions for maintaining the paper filter element of the air filter
When maintaining the paper filter element of the air filter, the dust on the surface is generally blown with compressed air, and the dust on the surface of the filter element can also be knocked gently with a small wooden stick.

Air filter element maintenance operation attention:
1, the pressure of compressed air can not be too high, so as not to damage the filter element.
2, the compressed air needs to be blown inside and outside the filter element to avoid dust entering the filter element and causing pollution
3. When tapping the dust of the filter element of the vibration filter, the force should be appropriate to prevent the filter element from breaking
4, before the filter installation, it is necessary to check whether there is damage in the filter element, once found, it is necessary to replace the filter element immediately

Do not use a filter cartridge without a sealed package
The filter element that has not been dust-proof packaging has a lot of dust on the surface, which will increase the wear of the engine components. When purchasing the filter element, pay attention to whether it meets the requirements of moisture-proof and dust-proof, and try to use a disposable filter element.

Improve air cleanliness
Tractors operate in dry, dusty areas, and need to install a set of air filters in front of the original engine air filter, which can effectively improve the cleanliness of the engine gas and reduce the wear of parts.

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