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【Meiruier Filter】Filter accuracy is the most important indicator

2024-07-03 View:

During the quality assurance period of the new car, the substitute for the filter (filter element) should not be used, and even after the quality guarantee period, the filter should be carefully selected.

The performance of diesel filters is graded according to ISO standards.

In addition to the SAE standard performance test, the air filter must also be tested on the bench to meet the requirements of the original intake resistance of the engine rated intake volume.

Qualified oil filters must conform to the original design of the engine cylinder pressure, oil temperature, flow, viscosity and vehicle conditions, and consider the comprehensive balance of filter quality.

The hydraulic oil filter in the manufacturer's product sample, or the nameplate is marked with nominal filtration accuracy, rather than absolute filtration accuracy, only through the test measured beta value to indicate the filtration capacity of the filter. The hydraulic oil filter should also meet the requirements of pressure loss (the total pressure difference of the high pressure filter is less than 0.1PMa, and the total pressure difference of the return oil filter is less than 0.05MPa) to ensure the optimal flow rate and filter life.

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