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【Meiruier Filter】Replacement cycle of the three filters in automotive filters

2024-03-21 View:

The three filters of automotive engines refer to the oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter of the engine. As an important accessory of the engine, the filter plays an important role in filtering and cleaning the engine. Without a filter, there can be no normal operation of the engine.

Oil filter
When the oil filter filters out the oil, various impurities are left inside the filter. As the impurities accumulate, the filter will become clogged and need to be replaced in a timely manner.
The oil filter is usually replaced together with the oil. Generally, the filter is replaced according to the manufacturer's recommended replacement cycle, or similar engine oil filter replacement cycles can be referred to. It is recommended to replace the filter every 10000 to 15000 kilometers. In harsh environments, the filter replacement cycle needs to be correspondingly shortened.

Fuel filter
The replacement cycle of the fuel filter, in addition to referring to the recommended time by the manufacturer, is mainly based on the specific fuel environment of the vehicle. Normally, when driving on highways and using fuel from gas stations, the oil filter should be replaced every two times. If fuel is supplied from oil drums or small oil tanks in harsh outdoor environments with sandstorms, the replacement of fuel filters and oil filters should be carried out simultaneously.

Air filter
The replacement cycle of the air filter is not only based on the manufacturer's recommended time, but more importantly, on the specific working environment of the vehicle. The working environment has a significant impact on the filter element. Driving on the road may require cleaning the filter element once every 1-2 months, while in windy and sandy wilderness, it may be necessary to clean it once a day.
Under normal working conditions, the dry filter should be inspected and cleaned every 2-4 weeks. If there is no damage, the filter should be replaced every two years.
The wet filter should be inspected and cleaned once a month. If there is no damage, the filter can be used continuously for many years.
In harsh working environments with strong sandstorms, it may be necessary to check the filter element every day, shorten the replacement cycle, and even replace it every 2 to 3 months.

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