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【Meiruier Filter】Working principle of centrifugal oil filter

2024-03-26 View:

Centrifugal oil filter structure
The centrifugal oil filter is mainly composed of a shell and a filter cover, a rotor shaft, a rotor body and a rotor cover.

The rotor shaft is fixed on the filter housing, and the rotor body is pressed with 3 bushings, which should be connected with the rotor shaft end and can be freely rotated on the rotor shaft. The compression nut fastens the rotor cover and the rotor body together, and then passes the dynamic balance test. A thrust bearing is installed under the rotor, and a support pad is installed above it, which is compressed by a spring to limit the movement of the rotor shaft.

At the lower end of the rotor are two horizontally mounted mutually opposite nozzles. The filter cover and the shell have a high degree of neutrality, so that the rotor reaches a certain speed to ensure the filtration quality of the lubricating oil. The filter cover is mounted on the filter housing with a compression nut to seal the rotor.

When the engine is working, the oil from the oil pump enters the oil inlet hole of the filter. When the oil pressure is the first 0.1MPa, the oil inlet pressure limiting valve is opened, and the oil enters the inner cavity of the rotor along the center hole of the housing and the rotor shaft through the oil outlet hole, and then ejects from the two nozzles through the oil passage. Under the push of the reaction force of oil injection, the impurities in the oil are thrown to the inner wall of the rotor cover and precipitated, and the clean oil flows to the oil pan through the oil outlet.
After the rotor works for a period of time, the attachment on the inner wall of the rotor will gradually increase, so the weight will increase, and the speed will decrease accordingly, which must be replaced in time.

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