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【Meiruier Filter】Paper core air filter maintenance

2024-03-20 View:

The air filter is an important component on the engine, which plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the normal operation of the engine, reducing the wear of cylinder parts, and extending the service life of the engine.

The key to using a good paper core air filter is to maintain its sealing performance and prevent unfiltered air from entering the engine cylinder through the bypass.

During installation, whether it is connected by flange, rubber pipe or direct connection between the air filter and the engine intake pipe, it must be tight and reliable to prevent air leakage. Rubber washers must be installed on both ends of the filter element, and the wing nuts that secure the outer cover of the air filter cannot be tightened too tightly to avoid damaging the paper filter element.

2. During maintenance, the paper filter element must not be cleaned in oil, otherwise the paper filter element will fail and may easily cause flying accidents. During maintenance, only vibration method, soft brush removal method, or compressed air back blowing method can be used to remove dust and dirt adhering to the surface of the paper filter element. For the coarse filter section, dust should be promptly removed from the dust collection area, blades, and cyclone tubes. Even if it can be carefully maintained every time, the paper filter cannot fully restore its original performance, and its air intake resistance will increase. Therefore, generally when the paper filter needs to undergo the fourth maintenance, it should be replaced with a new filter. If the paper filter element has problems such as breakage, perforation, or detachment of the filter paper from the end cover, it should be replaced immediately.

3. When using, it is necessary to strictly prevent the paper core air filter from being soaked by rainwater, because once the paper core absorbs a large amount of water, it will greatly increase the intake resistance and shorten the mission. In addition, the paper core air filter should not come into contact with oil or fire.

4. Some vehicle engines are equipped with cyclone air filters. The plastic cover at the end of the paper filter is a guide vane, and the blades on the cover rotate the air. 80% of the dust is separated by centrifugal force and collected in a dust collector. The dust that reaches the paper filter is 20% of the inhaled dust, and the total filtration efficiency is about 99.7%. So, when maintaining the cyclone air filter, be careful not to miss the plastic guide cover on the filter element.

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