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Meiruier filter——Resolve crisis, Face challenges

2015-11-12 View:

From 6th to 8th, Nov, 2015 the national Auto Parts Fair and Auto parts purchasing fair is held in the national exhibition center, there are nearly 2000 enterprises around China gathered in Beijing.  With the aim of  “Service, communication, cooperation”, Anhui Meiruier filter company takes positively part in this fair and accept the spot interview.

    Our company mainly works on the research, production, sales of filters of the trucks and engineering machinery, our market includes three parts, they are foreign tradebusiness , the OEM production and domestic after-sales. In this big fair, Meiruier adds the Aluminum base series , integrating the air filters and the Primary four and five series products, the chain of products is relatively complete.

    2015the whole filter business is affected by the economy. With the implement of the primary 4 and 5 standard and the following primary 6, the related standard will be stricter in the future. Our company promises that we will stick to the OEM standard to develop and produce.  In order to modernize the company management , the listing plan which is supported by the government has been put on agenda.

           Apart from listing, our company responds actively to “Internet+” which is forwarded by our Prime minister Li ,  the related affairs has being arranged to realize the model”factory+user”gradually.


    Filters is the protection devices of engines, with the popularization of the new energy and electric vehicle in the future, so it may bring us negative effects, including before the electric vehicle there is a change of themaintenance period. Before the maintenance period is 10,000kilometers,  now it is 100,000kilometers, and then there will be no fuel system for the electric vehicle, they are all challenges for us. In order to adjust to this trend, our company will gradually adjusts the structure of the products and market to develop main engine, high-end and growth market, changing the challenges and crisis to opportunities.

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