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【Meiruier Filter】Difference between fuel filter and gasoline filter

2023-05-25 View:

There is no difference between the fuel filter and the gasoline filter, but the name is different. The replacement method of fuel filter is as follows:

1. Loosen the clamping device at the junction of the oil and fuel filter, take out the fuel filter from the oil circuit, and then block the oil circuit with a plug to prevent fuel overflow. Most fuel filters installed in the oil circuit are marked with two arrows; One is the fuel inflow arrow, and the other is the fuel outflow arrow, which indicates the flow direction of the fuel when it passes through the fuel filter. Therefore, when installing the fuel filter, make sure that the direction of the arrow points to the engine, that is, the fuel flows to the engine;

2. In addition, the clamping device used in the oil circuit is specially designed to tightly clamp the two parts at the junction of the rubber hose and the fuel filter to achieve the sealing effect. Compared with the ordinary clamping device, this clamping device will not cut into the rubber hose, so it will not cause damage to the rubber hose. At the same time, this clamping device can withstand high oil pressure, Ordinary worm type clamping devices are more likely to damage the rubber hose and cause fuel leakage. Finally, it should be ensured that the rubber hose clamping device is installed in the correct position and clamped at the joint according to the specified specifications;

3. Please note that many imported fuel filter have a lute shaped connecting part, through which the fuel filter is connected to the engine oil circuit. When using such lute shaped connecting parts, it should be noted that their sealing gaskets are not allowed to be reused. Therefore, for fuel filter with lute shaped connecting parts, the sealing gaskets must be replaced each time during maintenance to prevent fuel leakage;

4. In addition, when using this type of pipa shaped joint component, attention should also be paid to ensuring that the connecting threads are not misaligned during installation, and excessive clamping force should not be applied to the joint component. RTV or other types of sealing rings should not be used on these pipa shaped joint components. When installing the joint component, a solid wrench should be used to ensure appropriate clamping force;

5. The vehicle uses a maintenance free fuel system and only uses a fuel filter built into the fuel tank. It is impossible to replace all the fuel pumps, filters and fuel delivery devices during the regular preventive maintenance of the vehicle. Even if the interval between regular preventive maintenance of the vehicle is relatively long, it is also impossible to do so, because the cost of doing so is high, but, If there is any indication that the engine's working performance is abnormal, or the fuel pressure of the fuel system is at a critical value, it is very necessary to check or even replace the fuel filter inside the fuel tank.

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