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【Meiruier Filter】Automobile requirements for oil filter

2023-05-23 View:

Automobile requirements for oil filter
Filtering accuracy, filtering out all particles>30 um,
Reduce particles entering lubrication gaps and causing wear (<3 um -30 um)
The oil flow rate meets the oil demand of the engine.
Long replacement cycle, at least longer than the lifespan of the oil (kilometers, time)
The filtration accuracy meets the requirements of protecting the engine and reducing wear.
Large ash capacity, suitable for harsh environments.
Can adapt to higher oil temperatures and corrosion.
When filtering oil, the lower the pressure difference, the better, so that the oil passes smoothly.

a) Drain or absorb old engine oil
b) Loosen the fixing screw and remove the old oil filter
c) Coat the sealing ring of the new oil filter with oil
d) Install a new oil filter and tighten the fixing screws

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