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【Meiruier Filter】Composition of fuel filter

2023-05-15 View:

Cars have become an essential tool for everyone's travel. Of course, knowledge of automobiles is essential. In order to help you understand these knowledge, today's editor will tell you about the structural characteristics of fuel filter. Interested friends can learn about it, which may be helpful to you. Structural features of the fuel filter: it can not only filter the fuel, but also stabilize the fuel pressure, because the fuel pressure regulating valve is installed inside the fuel filter element. There are three oil pipes on this filter element, and excess fuel flows from the return pipe here to the car's fuel tank.

Replacement cycle of fuel filter
The recommended replacement cycle of fuel filter shall be different according to its own structure, performance and use, and cannot be generalized. Most car manufacturers recommend a replacement cycle of 48000 kilometers for normal maintenance of external filters.
In addition, when the filter hose ages or ruptures due to dirt such as mud and oil, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Repair and maintenance of fuel filter
The fuel filter is a consumable, which needs to be replaced and maintained regularly during the use of the vehicle, otherwise it will not play the role of qualification guarantee. Please refer to the product instructions provided by each filter supplier for the specific replacement cycle. Recommended replacement time: every 2000 kilometers traveled.

What should I pay attention to when replacing a gasoline filter?
1. After replacing and installing the gasoline compartment and engine compartment, pay attention to the sealing of the interface and be vigilant against oil leakage;
2. For the air compartment and air conditioning section, the overall sealing performance after replacement should be ensured;
3. Take good care of the gasoline compartment and maximize the use of matching grade gasoline specified by the car manufacturer.
The filter is marked with oil inlet and outlet arrows. Do not install upside down during replacement.

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