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Mrefilter conducts fire emergency drills

2023-05-17 View:

In order to enable all employees to understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, enhance their self-protection ability, master emergency response skills for sudden fires, learn how to extinguish fires and carry out emergency evacuation of personnel in an orderly manner, and ensure the safety of employees' lives and company property, Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. conducted a fire emergency drill on May 16.

During the event, firefighters provided detailed explanations on the precautions for escaping from a fire, the usage of commonly used firefighting equipment, and the essentials for extinguishing an initial fire. Afterwards, emergency response drills were conducted on the simulated fire scene in the playground, focusing on the application of fire-fighting facilities, initial fire extinguishing, fire coordination and command, and personnel evacuation and rescue.

Subsequently, firefighters played typical fire accident cases in recent years through PPT courseware. By citing real cases that occur in real life, this article focuses on the basic knowledge of fire safety, daily fire inspections, evacuation and self rescue measures for fires, and protective and self rescue measures for emergencies. Combined with daily life cases, it explains the main causes and preventive measures of common fires, types of fires, and fire handling methods, strengthening employees' awareness of fire safety education.

This fire safety drill and training has effectively enhanced the understanding and understanding of daily life fire prevention knowledge among Meiri'er employees, strengthened their understanding of major disasters and self rescue skills, and laid a solid foundation for Meiri'er to better implement disaster prevention and reduction safety work and create a good fire safety environment. Mrefilter will continue to implement the safety production responsibility system, strengthen safety management, and build a solid safety barrier.

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