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Summary of Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement Work

2023-05-09 View:

To call on all staff to make new contributions and achieve better results in the cost reduction and efficiency increase work in 2023, on May 6th, Meiruier held a summary and commendation meeting for the first quarter of 2023 cost reduction and efficiency increase work. Chen Xiaoqian, General Manager of the company, Zhu Changxia, Director of the General Manager's Office, department heads, and representatives of award-winning employees attended the meeting.

At the meeting, General Manager Chen Xiaoqian gave a work report on the company's cost reduction and efficiency increase in the first quarter of 2023. Mr. Chen stated that he should enhance confidence, muster up enthusiasm, and steadfastly carry out cost reduction and efficiency increase work; We need to take multiple measures simultaneously, innovate our thinking, and solidly promote cost reduction and efficiency enhancement by deepening and implementing them; We need to coordinate and implement, and strive to achieve new results in cost reduction and efficiency increase.

At the meeting, advanced representatives who made significant contributions to cost reduction and efficiency improvement in 2023 will be commended. Representatives from various departments of the company issue honorary certificates and bonuses to the "cost reduction experts". The cost reduction activity saved up to 700000 yuan and received a bonus of over 15000 yuan.

Carrying out efficiency improvement and cost reduction activities is a key strategic measure to accelerate the transformation of the company's development mode, and it is an urgent need to improve the level of enterprise operation and management and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In the first quarter, new achievements and progress have been made in cost reduction work. Meiruier will continue to promote the improvement project of cost reduction and efficiency increase, continuously strengthen cost management, truly do a good job in efficiency increase and cost reduction work, and inject new impetus into Meiruier's further development.

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