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【Meiruier Filter】Air filter function

2023-03-08 View:

Air filter is a device for purifying air. If the dust, sand and various impurities in the air directly enter the engine cylinder for combustion, they will accelerate the wear of the engine, thus reducing the service life of the engine and even causing serious damage to the engine.

The position of the air filter in the car is usually behind the front air grille. You can check the air filter yourself when you use the car. If you find it dirty, you can take it out and clean or replace it yourself.

The air filter is divided into two types: dry type and wet type. The dry type is the most commonly used in car models, and its material is filter paper or non-woven fabric. In order to increase the air passing area, the filter element is mostly processed with many small wrinkles. When the filter is slightly polluted, compressed air can be used to blow it clean. When the filter is seriously polluted, a new core should be replaced in time. Generally speaking, there is no accurate replacement time for the air filter. It is determined according to the environment of the vehicle. Please refer to the vehicle maintenance manual for details.

If the filter is seriously blocked, the intake restriction will increase and the engine power will decrease. At the same time, due to the increase in air resistance, the trip computer will also judge the amount of gasoline absorbed, resulting in a rich mixture ratio, which will make the engine running worse, increase fuel consumption, and easily produce carbon deposits.

A qualified air filter can ensure that the engine works with the required air intake, and can filter out the foreign matters in the air at the same time. However, the poor quality of the filter element will cause the air intake to be too large or too small, or even fail to filter, and directly let the foreign matters in the environment enter the engine, causing serious engine wear.

In addition, the service life of the inferior air filter is also very low. Generally, it will be very dirty after several hundred kilometers. The inferior air filter will increase the intake resistance and reduce the engine power. Or increase fuel consumption, and it is easy to produce carbon deposits.

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