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【Meiruier Filter】How to change the filter element of diesel filter assembly

2023-03-07 View:

1. The main function of the fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the gasoline, so that the fuel entering the engine for combustion is clean, the combustion is more sufficient, the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder is reduced, and the power input is better;
2. If the fuel filter is not replaced for a long time, the filter element inside the fuel filter will be too dirty to filter. If it is serious, the fuel will be blocked, the vehicle will not be able to start or the vehicle will be stalled during driving, so the fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly;
3. There are two types of fuel filters for vehicles, one is the built-in fuel filter and the other is the external fuel filter.

1. The first task is to release the residual pressure in the fuel system according to the process specified by the manufacturer before removing the diesel filter. Otherwise, if the situation is urgent, it is easy to affect the gasoline overflow and endanger personal safety.
2. Then find the grounding wire and mounting bracket screw near the filter and pull them out.
We'd better put a basin under the filter to collect the dripping fuel.
4. It's time to remove the oil inlet pipe, but we'd better smoke with one hand and cover the other hand with a towel. After all, the gasoline suddenly overflowed.
5. After removing the oil inlet pipe, remove the oil outlet pipe next to the filter.
6. Then, you can directly remove the old filter at this time.
7. Finally, put the new filter directly into the holder, and connect the oil outlet pipe, holder screw, oil inlet pipe and ground wire back in the reverse process. Of course, we still need to clean the surrounding area.

What to pay attention to when replacing the filter element:
1. During the process of replacing the diesel filter, do not smoke or use open fire nearby, otherwise there will be some potential safety hazards.
2. Secondly, when replacing the filter, the engine oil, oil filter and air filter should also be replaced.
3. The filter is marked with oil inlet and outlet arrows. Do not install it upside down during replacement.
4. After installation, it is necessary to form the habit of testing the tightness of the interface to prevent oil leakage.

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