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【Meiruier Filter】Can the oil filter be reused?

2022-07-12 View:

If the oil filter cannot be reused, the function of the oil filter:
1. The function of the oil filter is to filter out the metal chips in the oil, the dust in the atmosphere, and the carbon particles produced by incomplete combustion of the fuel before the circulating oil is sent to the surface of the moving parts;
2. In order to ensure the filtration effect, multi-stage filter set filter, coarse filter and fine filter are generally used;
3. The filter is installed at the oil suction port before the oil pump, and the filter type is mostly used. Its function is to prevent large mechanical impurities from entering the oil pump. The filter used in automobile engines is currently divided into two types: floating filter and fixed filter.

Harm of inferior filters: inferior oil filters have poor ability to filter impurities, which is mainly reflected in the filter paper, and the filter paper is too dense will affect the normal flow of oil; If the filter paper is too loose, a large number of unfiltered impurities will continue to flow with the oil, which will lead to dry friction or excessive wear of the internal parts of the engine for a long time. Inferior filter housings have many disadvantages. When using poor quality sealing materials, there is a risk of oil leakage at the connection between the filter housing and the engine. In addition, the surface protection is insufficient, and when splashed with water, it can cause rust, which can also lead to oil leakage. Finally, if you use an insufficient thickness, or poor-quality housing material, it may cause the filter to burst and the engine will be severely damaged. Inferior filters do not have a stable folded-bubble structure and have low dirt holding capacity to retain smaller particles. The filter element is also easily broken down, which will cause great damage to the vehicle. It will cause the car to wear, block the oil passage, cause oil pressure disorder, and damage the base screw.

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