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【Meiruier Filter】Is the fuel pump faulty?

2022-07-08 View:

It is recommended to check the voltage of the gasoline pump, and it is recommended to replace the gasoline pump assembly, do not replace it alone, it is prone to problems:
1. The problem may not be the fuel pump body, but the pipeline, gasoline grid, fuel injector and other components are not smooth;
2. The fuel pump circuit may be broken somewhere, resulting in inaccurate fuel signal feedback ECU, carefully check each corner;
3. Although ecu will not have problems often, it is not ruled out that there will be this possibility. It is better to change to a new ECU for test drive;
4. There are only other systems of the engine. Perhaps this problem is not a failure of the fuel supply system. It is generally common that the two systems of fuel supply and intake are the most likely to cross. It is recommended that you ask the master of the 4s shop to check it carefully.

1. The working flow of the electric fuel pump decreases, resulting in insufficient fuel working pressure, which causes the engine to tremble or fail to work;
2. The electric fuel pump is open circuit or short circuit, causing the electric fuel pump to fail to work. The electric fuel pump is blocked, causing the current to rise sharply, the electric fuel pump cannot work, and the fuse is blown;
3. Electric fuel pump with oil level sensor, inaccurate oil level sensor is also one of the reasons for replacing the electric fuel pump assembly. As for how to cause the failure of the electric fuel pump, there are many reasons, including the hidden trouble of the fuel pump itself leaving the factory, and the failure of the electric fuel pump caused by the later use environment. In general, the main car is to pay attention to the sealing of the fuel tank to prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the fuel tank.

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