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【Meiruier Filter】How to replace the fuel filter yourself

2022-07-05 View:

How to replace the fuel filter yourself:
1. Prepare screwdrivers, jacks, and park the car on a solid surface;
2. Reduce the air pressure of the fuel system and loosen the valve cover to reduce the air pressure of the fuel system;
3. Turn on the engine until the gasoline in the pipeline runs out and the engine stops;
4. The location of the fuel filter is generally under the engine or under the fuel tank. If necessary, use a jack to lift the car and disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter;
5. Remove the mounting bolts of the fuel filter, and then the fuel filter can be removed;
6. Compare whether the new fuel filter is the same as the removed model, and install the new fuel filter after confirmation. Pay attention to the direction to ensure that it points to the engine. After confirmation, the filter fixing bolt can be installed;
7. Connect the fuel pipe and install the fuel pump fuse, reconnect the battery box, and you can lower the car after completion.

If the fuel filter is not replaced, the following effects will occur:
1. Over time, the filtering ability of the filter element will deteriorate. On the one hand, the gasoline filter element is blocked, which will affect the fuel pressure and cannot supply oil. On the other hand, some impurities in the oil will enter the fuel injector, valve valve, and the cylinder will affect the normal operation of the engine;
2. If the gasoline oil used is of good quality, the service life of the gasoline filter element will be longer;
3. Always check to see if the filter element is dirty. If it is dirty, it needs to be replaced. If the gasoline filter element is dirty and not replaced, it will affect the normal fuel supply of gasoline, thereby affecting the normal performance of the car's power. In particular, it is important to remind that the water or impurities in the fuel filter cup should be removed frequently, so as not to affect the oil quality entering the cylinder and the filter element to become dirty prematurely.

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