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【Meiruier Filter】How to change the oil grid

2022-06-13 View:

After running 10,000 kilometers, you need to change the oil and oil filter:
1. Due to the performance of the oil filter, it directly affects the effect of oil on engine lubrication;
2. Therefore, every time you change the oil, you must replace the full-flow oil filter with qualified quality, that is, the paper filter element. The period of replacing the oil and oil filter is generally 10,000 kilometers;
3. If only the new oil is replaced without replacing the oil filter, the old oil and pollutants in the old filter will re-circulate into the oil, which not only increases the chance of wear, but also reduces the performance of the new oil.

How to replace the car oil grid:
1. Start the vehicle for about 1 minute to make the oil flow fully, then turn off the engine, open the oil filler cap, and use tools to loosen the machine filter and oil bottom screws;
2. Place the oil basin under the oil bottom screw, completely loosen the oil bottom screw, and release the old oil until it stops flowing completely.
3. Tighten the oil bottom screw and wipe off excess oil with a cotton cloth. Unscrew the old filter, it is recommended to put a cotton cloth on it to be careful, apply oil on the sealing ring of the new filter, and tighten it clockwise;
4. Add new oil from the oil filling port. It is recommended to consult the 4S shop in advance for the amount of oil added. After adding, tighten the oil filler cap;
5. Restart the engine for 12 minutes, and observe whether there is oil leakage at the oil bottom screw and the machine filter. If there is no oil leakage, check the oil level of the oil dipstick after turning off the engine, add it to the position above the center line of the oil scale in the standard position, and replace it.

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