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【Meiruier Filter】Maintenance method of air filter

2022-06-10 View:

The vehicle engine can be said to be a very precise part, which is often damaged by a small impurity. The air filter is an important spare part to ensure that the air entering the engine is clean.
Equivalent to the human nose, it is the first "level" for air to enter the engine. Its function is to finely filter the air entering the engine cylinder, filter out the wind sand and some suspended particles in the air, so that the air entering the engine is relatively pure, so its maintenance I will take stock of the air filter here. The maintenance method, I hope to help the majority of car owners.

Clean the empty filter regularly.
If the air filter is the "nose" of the car, then the adjustment of the air filter is directly related to whether the nose of the passengers in the car can breathe healthy air.
Filter the air entering the car from outside the car, improve the cleanliness of the air, and ensure the health of the passengers in the car. Keeping the air filter clean is very important if the vehicle travels frequently on dusty roads. In the colder temperature in winter, some car owners will close the windows when driving, only open the internal circulation, and do not open the empty switch. The master pointed out that this is incorrect. Driving for a long time will cause the air in the car to be turbid, which will bring certain hidden dangers to human health.
Under normal circumstances, the filter needs to be replaced once the vehicle travels 8000 km ~ 10000 km. Usually only regular cleaning is required between seasons, especially after winter.

How to maintain the air filter?
According to the maintenance cycle of the vehicle, under normal road conditions, the air filter should be cleaned and maintained every 5,000 kilometers. In areas with heavy sand and dust and poor air quality in the surrounding environment, the maintenance interval mileage should also be shortened accordingly. The master recommends cleaning once 3,000 kilometers in advance. When the car travels 20,000 kilometers, the generally empty air filter needs to be replaced.

Clean DIY Air Filters
Tool: Screwdriver
1. Shut off the engine and stop. Make sure the vehicle is off and cool for 15-20 minutes, then open the hood to find the location of the air filter. The air filter is generally located on the right side of the engine compartment, and you can see the location markings in the vehicle manual.
2. Hold the filter element. Open the lock of the filter cover, remove the nut fixing the cover, pull down the baffle, and take out the filter element. When removing the filter element, take care to prevent impurities from falling into the carburetor.
3. Clean the filter element. Check for more dust in the filter element. Tap the end face of the filter element lightly, and use compressed air to blow off the dust on the filter element from the inside out. If there is no compressed air, tap the filter element lightly with the handle of a screwdriver, then use a brush to clean the outside dirt. Do not wash with gasoline or water. If the air filter is severely clogged, it needs to be replaced with a new one.
4. After cleaning the filter element, install all parts in the reverse order of removal.

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