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Why choose Meiruier Filters?

2022-05-14 View:

As a wearing part on the truck, the filter will also be replaced every time the oil is changed during maintenance. It is precisely because of its vulnerability that many fake and inferior filter products appear on the market.

In the face of a mixed bag of filter products, the choices you make will likely have a very important impact on your car. When faced with the dilemma of low price and superior quality, it is recommended that you choose high-quality filter products.

1 Meiruier Filter —— All models

Meiruier focuses on the field of global commercial vehicle filtration systems, and is committed to developing filtration systems for various vehicle series. The products are suitable for truck commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, agriculture and other fields. It can meet the original matching of vehicles and avoid problems caused by substitution. For example: installation interference, oil leakage, unstable oil pressure, insufficient life and so on.

2 Meiruier Filter —— Good material

The shell is made of Baosteel double-sided galvanized steel. Baosteel's steel materials are stable, and are mostly used in fields with high steel requirements, such as ships and aircraft. In the field of industrial science and technology, it is superior to the general domestic steel (many brands will use recycled steel).

Using imported high-end filter paper, coupled with Meiruier's advanced manufacturing process, the clips are welded inward, the high-quality adhesive materials of the upper and lower covers are precisely controlled, and the pleat interval is consistent. Pressure testing under extreme jetting and pulsing proves full filtration performance and long service life. Higher filtration precision and greater dirt-holding capacity can effectively prevent the wear of common rail system components and ensure the best power output state of the engine.

Seals refer to rubber parts such as sealing rings, bypass valves, check valves, etc., all of which are made of imported AEM or HNBR materials. Exquisite workmanship, thick, corrosion-resistant, good elasticity, can effectively avoid the failure of rubber parts during use, resulting in internal leakage or oil leakage.

3 Meiruier Filter —— High efficiency

Flow: The filter paper must ensure sufficient oil flow to supply the engine lubrication system. Meiruier accurately matches the original car according to the different factory data of the original car. Avoid high or low oil pressure and high engine temperature caused by too large or too small flow.

Filtration efficiency: The filter paper must ensure sufficient flow and excellent filtration efficiency, both of which must be properly grasped. Meiruier filter can effectively filter the sludge or metal chips generated during the oil lubrication process to ensure the cleanliness of the oil. At the same time, it can restore the life attenuation of the oil itself to the greatest extent, restore the fluidity of the oil to the greatest extent, and reduce the viscosity.

Dust holding capacity: The amount of impurities that the filter paper can hold is also an important indicator of the service life of the oil filter. The oil filter element with a large dust holding capacity can have a service life of 15,000 kilometers or even longer, while a small dust holding capacity may be completely blocked after 3,000 kilometers. After blockage, unfiltered oil containing a large amount of impurities enters the engine lubrication system from the bypass valve, which will still cause abnormal engine wear.

Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. was established in January 2009. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of oil filters, diesel filters and air filters. It is a national machinery industry The standard drafting unit is a member of China Internal Combustion Engine Association.

For more than ten years, Meiruier has focused on the field of global commercial vehicle filtration systems, and is committed to the development of filtration systems for various types of vehicles. The products are suitable for truck commercial vehicles, construction machinery, ships, agriculture and other fields. There are more than 3,000 varieties of existing filters, including oil filters, diesel filters, air filters, and fuel water separators. In the domestic commercial vehicle total model matching coverage rate of more than 98%, the company will further increase the development of new products, and enrich the product model coverage rate to meet market demand.

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