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【Meiruier Filter】Does changing the fuel pump affect the car?

2022-04-25 View:

Fuel pump replacement has an impact on the vehicle. The function of the fuel pump is to suck the gasoline out of the gasoline tank and make the gasoline tank have a certain pressure, so that it can overcome the resistance of the pipeline and enter the float chamber of the carburetor or the fuel supply guide of the electronically controlled injection engine through the pipeline and the gasoline filter.

Fuel pump replacement affects the car:
1. When the pump core is damaged, when the fuel supply system is working, when the key door is opened, there is no sound of the gasoline pump running;
2. When the pump body is damaged, because the pressure relief and fuel pressure cannot reach the specified fuel pressure value, it cannot be atomized well, so the engine cannot be started;
3. Don't wait until the gasoline light alarms and don't refuel, because the gasoline pump relies on gasoline to conduct heat and cool down. When the gasoline level is too low, it will not be able to cool down and dissipate heat, reducing the service life;
4. The failure of the gasoline pump is always related to the quality of the oil, the way of refueling, the amount of refueling and the frequency of refueling, so we must pay attention to refueling correctly and refueling well to ensure the service life of the car oil pump.

The replacement cycle of the fuel pump assembly is as follows:
1. The failure rate of the automobile oil pump is higher than that of other electrical appliances. It is usually replaced after the fault is judged, and there is no certain replacement cycle;
2. If you say it must be replaced, most of them refer to the gasoline filter built into the fuel tank, which can be replaced at 40,000 kilometers, but in fact, the original intention of the design is maintenance-free, because the quality of oil products in China is unstable, and maintenance is required;
3. When the filter is disassembled, it is easy to cause damage to the oil pump, which creates the illusion that the oil pump is easy to break. It is recommended to go to regular manufacturers for maintenance to avoid unnecessary expenses caused by technical reasons.

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