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【Meiruier Filter】What are the consequences of a dirty diesel filter?

2022-04-21 View:

If the diesel filter element is dirty, the following consequences will occur:
1. It affects the fuel injection and atomization and combustion is not good, and then the accelerator cannot be added;
2. The oil supply is not high and the oil amount is low;
3. Serious difficulty in starting, acceleration, and flameout.

The replacement method of the gasoline filter is as follows:
1. Make preparations before the replacement. First, prepare the gasoline filter suitable for the original car model, and then prepare the tools to be used. The tools usually used include: oil cup, sealing red glue, tubing clamps, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. Be careful not to wear chemical fiber clothes to prevent electrostatic discharge sparks;
2. Since there is pressure in the fuel system, in order to avoid fuel injection or fire accident when disassembling the gasoline filter, the pressure in the fuel system should be released before disconnecting the fuel line;
3. After finding the position of the gasoline filter, pull out the gasoline filter from the mounting bracket. Put the oil receiving cup under the oil pipe, and use pliers to remove the original disposable pipe clamps on both sides;
4. Unplug the oil pipe of the oil inlet of the gasoline filter. At this time, the fuel in the pipe will overflow, and the oil inside will be introduced into the cup. When the flow is small, put on the pipe clamp and connect the oil inlet of the new gasoline filter as soon as possible. When the other end of the interface is temporarily blocked and installed with a gasoline filter, the oil inlet and outlet must be distinguished. Usually, the oil outlet is at the upper part of the gasoline filter, and the oil inlet is at the lower part of the gasoline filter. The arrow on the gasoline filter indicates the direction of gasoline flow. At the same time, the oil inlet of the old gasoline filter should also be blocked;
5. Unplug the other end of the old gasoline filter and connect it to the new gasoline filter. And clamp the pipe hoop with pliers to prevent oil leakage. Reinstall the replaced fuel filter back to its original position.

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