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What's the point of a high-quality fuel filter?

2022-04-16 View:

The fuel filter is connected in series on the pipeline between the fuel pump and the throttle body inlet. The function of the fuel filter is to remove the iron oxide, dust and other solid debris contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from clogging, especially the fuel injector. Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation and improve reliability.

In layman's terms, fuel is the food of the engine, and the power of the engine is converted from the combustion of fuel. The function of the filter is to filter impurities, gums, etc. in the gasoline, providing clean gasoline to the engine and preventing "disease from entering the mouth".

With the upgrading of engine technology, our trucks have higher and higher requirements for oil quality. Many truckers will install a fuel prefilter for their car to ensure the oil quality.

Since its production, Mrefilter's long-life fuel pre-filter PL420 has been well received by users and has become a popular product in the commercial vehicle accessories industry. PL420 breaks through the traditional design ideas, integrates the company's advantageous technical resources, and brings high-end quality experience to the majority of users by virtue of a number of patented technical advantages and safe and reliable product quality.

Full life oil-water separation

Unique hydrophobic structure design, full-life oil-water separation, to achieve full-life oil-water separation ≥ 95%. Better protection of the engine and prolong engine life.

Scientific research achievements, patent blessing

Mrefilter's scientific research achievements and design patents - the use of the upper end cover effectively solves the technical problems of delayed ignition or even failure to ignite when the engine is restarted in the prior art. Good exhaust performance and long service life.

Hydraulic cover

The use of the hydraulic control cover can effectively solve the problem of air accumulation at the negative pressure end, play the role of exhaust and prevent blockage, avoid engine ignition failure, and ensure the good working condition of the filter.

Imported high-end filter paper

Using imported high-end filter paper, coupled with Merrill's advanced manufacturing process, the clips are welded inward, the high-quality adhesive materials of the upper and lower covers are precisely controlled, and the pleat interval is consistent. Pressure testing under extreme jetting and pulsing proves full filtration performance and long service life. It fully complies with the main engine matching standard of high-pressure common rail filter. Under normal oil and normal road conditions, it can achieve a maintenance cycle of 60,000 kilometers, allowing you to save worry, effort and money.

Visual transparent cup design

Using high-strength engineering plastics, it is visual, impact-resistant, not cracked at low temperature, and not deformed at high temperature. Filter blockage is visualized, and safety is more assured. It is convenient for users to provide different types of interfaces for the waterproof water collecting cup in time. Electric heating is optional to prevent wax formation at low temperature of fuel; it can be matched with sensors to remind users to waterproof in time.

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