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【Meiruier Filter】What are the consequences of a dirty car air filter?

2022-03-31 View:

Consequences of dirty car air filter:
1. After the air filter element is dirty, the effect of filtering the air is not good, which will cause the engine sound to fall and the throttle valve to deposit more carbon. The entering air is different, and the ignition effect will also be affected. It can be replaced every 5,000 kilometers;
2. The main function of the car air filter is to filter the air entering the car engine to ensure that the incoming air is relatively pure. If the air filter is too dirty, it needs to be replaced;
3. If the air filter element is too dirty and a large amount of dust is attached to it, it will hinder the passage of air and reduce the intake air volume of the engine, thereby causing the engine power to drop and the fuel consumption to increase.

The functions of the car air filter are as follows:
1. Air filter, when gasoline is burning, clean gasoline and clean air are mixed together, and the fuel can exert its maximum effect when it burns. In most places, the air quality is relatively poor, and the air filter is more important;
2. If the maintenance period is reached and the air filter has not been replaced, it will be more difficult for the engine to inhale. If the mixture of oil and gas is not in place, carbon deposition will increase, thereby increasing fuel consumption;
3. The oil filter element can filter out smaller impurities and reduce the wear and tear caused by the engine running. If there are fewer impurities, friction will be reduced when the engine is running, and fuel consumption will naturally drop.

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