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【Meiruier Filter】Can the car oil filter be cleaned?

2022-03-22 View:

The oil filter is not recommended to be reused after cleaning. This is determined by the particularity, precision and complexity of the oil filter.

Engine lubricating oil is continuously polluted by metal chips, dust in the gas and carbon deposits during use. The medium and heavy impurities are deposited on the bottom of the oil pan, and the light ones enter each friction surface with the lubricating oil, causing early wear of the parts. The function of the oil filter is to make the lubricating oil filter out the dirt through the filter. After the filter has been used for a certain period of time, a lot of dirt will adhere to the filter element, so the filter should be replaced regularly. In general, the oil filter and the oil should be replaced at the same time. In this way, it is beneficial to prolong the service life of the engine.

The oil filter has the following characteristics:
1. Particularity: Oil filter, also known as oil grid. The function is to filter out the metal wear debris, dust and oxidized carbon deposits and colloidal sediments generated during the working process of the engine, so as to keep the lubricating oil clean and prolong its service life. The oil filter should have the characteristics of strong filtering ability, small flow resistance and long service life. Once these requirements cannot be met, it will cause irreversible damage to the engine.

2. Precision: The requirements of automobiles for oil filters are;
a. Filter out all particles > 30 um
b. Reduce the particles that enter the lubrication gap and cause wear (<3 um- 30 um)
c. the oil flow is in line with the engine oil demand
d. The replacement cycle is at least longer than the life of the oil
e. The filtration precision meets the requirements of protecting the engine and reducing wear and tear
f. Large ash capacity, suitable for harsh environments
g, can adapt to higher oil temperature and corrosive environment
h. The lower the pressure difference when filtering the oil, the better to ensure that the oil can pass smoothly

3. Complexity: The oil filter is composed of filter paper, sealing ring and various valves.
a, filter paper. Oil filters have higher requirements for filter paper than air filters, mainly because the temperature of the oil varies from 0 to 300 degrees. Under severe temperature changes, the concentration of the oil also changes accordingly, which will affect the filtration flow of the oil. The filter paper of a high-quality oil filter should be able to filter impurities under severe temperature changes, while ensuring sufficient flow.

b. Rubber sealing ring. The filter sealing ring of the high-quality oil is made of special rubber to ensure 100% oil-free leakage.

c. Backflow suppression valve. When the engine is turned off, it prevents the oil filter from drying out; when the engine is re-ignited, it immediately generates pressure to supply oil to lubricate the engine;

d. Relief valve. When the external temperature drops to a certain value or when the oil filter exceeds the normal service life, the relief valve will open under special pressure, allowing the unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine, which is the key to protecting the engine in emergency situations.

During the cleaning process of the oil filter, it is inevitable that the filter paper, sealing ring and other components will be damaged, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the oil filter and cause damage to the engine. Therefore, it is not recommended to reuse the oil filter.

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