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【Meiruier Filter】How to change the oil filter of the car

2022-03-18 View:

1. Oil has many functions such as reducing friction, improving power, buffering collision, reducing vibration, sealing cylinder, reducing air leakage, cooling overheated parts, and cleaning the interior of the engine;
2. Modern engines are becoming more and more sophisticated in design and manufacturing, and their reliability is also getting higher and higher. One of the guarantee conditions is the protective effect of oil. It can be said that the extension of modern engine life depends on the maintenance of lubricating oil;
3. Therefore, the daily inspection and replacement of oil is the most important content in car maintenance, especially in today's continuous improvement of car performance, the use of oil is very important.

How to replace car oil filter:
1. The vehicle is ready for work, run the engine to make it reach the working temperature, then use the jack to jack up the vehicle, pull up the handbrake and squeeze the front wheel with a wooden wedge, and drill into the chassis to see the situation;
2. Drain the old oil, use a 15mm wrench to loosen the oil plug screw counterclockwise a little, but don't screw it too much. At this time, put the pot with the plastic bag under the screw. After the pot is placed, continue to tighten the screw by hand until little by little. When dripping oil, be careful to unscrew the screw so as not to be scalded by the hot oil;
3. Remove the oil filter element. When the oil flow is almost the same, you can use the machine filter wrench to unload the machine filter, open the oil cover on the engine cover, use the filter element wrench to loosen the oil filter element counterclockwise, and unscrew the oil filter from the engine compartment. Be careful not to touch the hot exhaust header, there is still a little residual oil in the filter at this time. Be careful not to drip everywhere.

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