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【Meiruier Filter】How often to change car air filter

2022-03-11 View:

Generally speaking, it is replaced every 10,000 kilometers and 6 months, one at a time. The maintenance cycle specified by different car manufacturers is not exactly the same, and the specific replacement cycle is subject to the requirements of the car manufacturer:
1. Air filter element is a kind of filter, also called air filter cartridge, air filter, style, etc. Mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, sterile operating rooms and various precision operating rooms;
2. The engine needs to suck in a lot of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air is sucked into the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder;
3. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder, which will cause a serious "cylinder pulling" phenomenon, which is especially serious in a dry and sandy working environment;
4. The air filter is installed in front of the carburetor or the intake pipe, which plays the role of filtering out dust and sand in the air, and ensures that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder.

The hazards of not replacing the air filter for a long time:
1. Accelerating engine wear and carbon deposition will accelerate engine wear and carbon deposition. If we drive the vehicle directly without an air filter, the dust will directly enter the cylinder and mix with the oil and gas to burn, and the cylinder will wear eight times that of a vehicle with an air filter, three times that of the piston, and nine times that of the piston ring;
2. Causes the engine air intake to be dirty. If the damaged air filter is used for a long time, the dust will not only enter the engine, but also intrude into the engine intake, causing the engine intake to be dirty, not to mention no air filter.
3. If the air filter element is not too dirty, you can use an air gun to blow it. When blowing, pay attention to blowing from the inside to the outside, but the air filter element is mostly coarse filter and low wind resistance material. During the driving process, the filter convection forms resistance. When the dust accumulation exceeds the fixed value, the filter resistance will increase and the filtration efficiency will decrease.

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