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【Meiruier Filter】Is the fuel filter universal?

2022-03-05 View:

The fuel filter is not universal. Different models have different filters, be sure to find a filter that fits your model. The fuel filter is to filter out harmful particles and moisture in the fuel gas system of the engine to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc., reduce wear and avoid blockage. The precautions for replacing the gasoline filter are as follows:
1. After the replacement and installation of the gasoline grid and the oil grid, pay attention to the sealing of the interface and be alert to oil leakage;
2. For the air grid and air conditioning grid, ensure the overall airtightness after replacement;
3. Take good care of the gasoline grid, and try to use the matching gasoline specified by the automobile manufacturer. The filter has arrow marks on the oil inlet and outlet. Do not install it backwards when replacing it.

The hazards of not changing the gasoline filter are:
1. The gasoline filter element is like a mask worn by a person. If the air filter cannot effectively filter out the suspended particles in the air, the lighter ones will accelerate the wear of the cylinder, piston and piston rings, and the more severe ones will cause the cylinder to be strained and shorten the service life of the engine;
2. If the gasoline filter element is too dirty or blocked, it will cause difficulty for the car owner to start the car, and sometimes it takes 25 times to fire the car. The scary thing is to stop the engine while driving. For example, the brakes will fail in the corners of the mountain, and the steering will be out of control. Under normal circumstances, it needs to be replaced regularly, especially for cars that are often added to fake and shoddy oil. Too little gasoline and poor cooling will burn the fuel pump;
3. Too much water in the lake will be mixed with gasoline into the carburetor, which will affect the combustion of fuel;
4. The sealing gasket is damaged and oil leaks; the gasoline filter shell is broken and oil leaks; the oil pipe joint is loose and leaks and oil leaks, which makes the gasoline supply not smooth; the oil pipe is broken or broken, etc.

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