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The role model around - Feng Lei

2022-01-21 View:

Say goodbye to the old year with joy and welcome the new year with laughter. New Years, Vientiane renewal, with joy and hardships, we have passed through 2021 and ushered in 2022.

Since the establishment of Mrefilter, it has been a dozen years of ups and downs. It is precisely because there are many Mrefilter people who have been persevering for ten years, with their full support and selfless dedication, writing extraordinary stories in ordinary positions, and making Mrefilter today with no regrets.

Mrefilter people are conscientiously working on the work they love. They take the initiative to learn, take the factory as their home, overcome difficulties with a serious, responsible and meticulous attitude, and move forward bravely. Among them is our production and manufacturing department minister - Feng Lei.

In the early days of the company's establishment, Feng Lei came to the big family of Mrefilter and has been struggling in the production line. From a stupefied guy, after years of training, he has grown into the backbone of the company, with excellent business skills and good professional ethics. Under his leadership and management, the production workshop has also formed a good atmosphere of hard-working and daring to fight tough battles. His performance has also been unanimously recognized by the company's leaders and colleagues.

During his tenure, he was always at the forefront of the dirty work in the workshop and worked hard; in technological innovation, he always came up with ideas and solutions, and completed projects with his colleagues; Production line, solve problems for production. Sometimes the demand for orders is large, and it coincides with holidays. He not only is on call, but also leads the team to work overtime and stay in the workshop for several days until the products are delivered to customers in a timely manner.

"Do the little things around you well and do your due responsibilities" is his motto. His meticulous attitude towards work even made others feel that he was too "real" or even a little "harsh". However, practice has proved that under his leadership, the company's production departments work together, the process is smooth, the operation is standardized, the morale is high, and the production capacity must continue to reach new heights.

Feng Lei has achieved steady growth of the company's production with years of perseverance, showing us the extraordinary in ordinary work with practical actions, and silently dedicating his strength to the development of Mrefilter with full enthusiasm.

Of course, Feng Lei is just one of the many Mrefilter people. They interpret responsibility with hard work and show responsibility with dedication. It is precisely because there are many Mrefilter people who are conscientious and conscientious as him, the leading geese who are fighting in the front line, love their jobs and work hard, constantly promote the company's production, escort the high-quality development of the company, and continue to contribute new strength to the great blueprint of Mrefilter.

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