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@Everyone, Mrefilter emoticons is online! Come and add it~

2022-01-18 View:

A chat without emoji
How embarrassing would it be? !
As it is said:
There's no embarrassment that emojis can't solve
If so, send two!

pinch finger
There is something! must! now! formal! Announce!
With the efforts of friends
Mrefilter's exclusive WeChat expression pack
finally official
Online now!

A full set of emoji packs launched this time
Not only can meet the daily interaction
More New Year series emoji
Cute and festive Mrefilter exclusive WeChat expression pack
Are you excited?

How to get emoticons

Method 1: Add QR code
Scan or long press to identify the QR code below
You can add emoji

Method 2: Search and add
Open WeChat emoji store
Or enter WeChat---me---expression
Search for the keyword "Mrefilter"

You can get exclusive expression pack~

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