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【Meiruier Filter】Will the air filter not change affect the power?

2021-11-23 View:

The effect of dirty air filter on the car Air filter is the source of the cylinder mixture and the key link of the combustion chamber energy. If the incoming wind is dirty or the incoming wind is not smooth, it will cause the cylinder to work unevenly and not in time. While affecting the power, it increases fuel consumption, increases the vibration and noise of the car, and the other effects of the dirty air filter on the car are:
1. If the air filter element is dirty, the effect of filtering the air is not good. It is related to the air intake, which makes the throttle valve dirty, which affects the reduction of fuel efficiency and unstable idle speed;
2. The main function of the air filter is to filter out impurities and solid particles in the air entering the engine cylinder, so that the engine combustion environment is better. Generally, it needs to be replaced at 15,000 kilometers;
3. Usually you don't need to manually clean the air filter by yourself. You can clean it every time you go for 4S maintenance. Long-term failure to clean will affect the engine performance and accelerate the wear of the engine cylinder.

The steps to replace the air filter are as follows:
1. The filter element of the air filter is installed in the housing of the air filter, which is mostly cylindrical black plastic products;
2. Remove the hooks around the air filter housing and remove the upper cover of the air filter to see immediately;
3. This is the filter element of the air cleaner. After long-term use, the filter element gradually becomes dirty, and finally becomes completely black;
4. If it is a dry filter element, you can tap the filter element gently on the ground to knock off the dust. If it is a wet filter element, it can be cleaned; reinstall the filter element into the housing of the air cleaner. If the filter element is too dirty, it can only be replaced with a new one;
5. Reinstall the upper cover of the air filter. As long as the filter element is cleaned, the engine performance can be improved and fuel consumption can be reduced.

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