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Fire drills take precautions, disaster prevention and mitigation are in action

2021-05-13 View:

In order to further strengthen the safety production management of Meiruier, improve the initiative and predictability of fire prevention and control, strengthen the fire safety awareness of employees, and enhance the ability of fire protection to self-rescue. On the afternoon of May 12, Anhui Meiruier Filter Co., Ltd. launched the fire protection publicity and drill on the 2021 "5·12" Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day.

During the event, comrades from Wuhu County Fire Brigade conducted fire safety inspections in various areas of Meiruier, and gave detailed explanations on the precautions for fire escapes, the use of commonly used fire fighting equipment, and the essentials for first fire fighting. After that, a simulated fire scene was conducted in the playground, focusing on the application of fire protection facilities, initial fire suppression, coordination and command of the fire site, and personnel evacuation and rescue. The drill task was successfully completed.

Subsequently, the Xinwu Economic Development Zone Management Committee will conduct the 2021 disaster prevention and mitigation publicity and consultation activities. At the event site, the management committee staff set up publicity booths, distributed popular science materials and picture albums, and carried out on-site consultations. Promote and popularize knowledge of self-rescue and mutual rescue skills for natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes, disaster prevention and mitigation measures, common sense of family fire safety, medical assistance, and fire escape and self-rescue methods to Mrefilter employees.

Through this activity, the safety awareness and self-rescue ability of Mrefilter employees have been strengthened, the mastery of fire emergency evacuation skills, and the awareness of major disasters and self-rescue skills have been strengthened. It has laid a solid foundation for Mrefilter to better implement disaster prevention and mitigation safety work and create a good fire safety environment. Mrefilter will continue to implement the safety production responsibility system, strengthen safety management, and build a strong safety barrier.

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