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Mrefilter's second "production management" training ended successfully

2021-05-07 View:

In order to improve production quality, improve production site environment and production safety, control production processes and plans, production personnel management, production equipment maintenance and maintenance, create a management team that can adapt to the company's high-quality development to better serve each customer. On the morning of April 29th, Anhui Mrefilter Filter Co., Ltd. invited Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group to our company for the second "production management" training. It aims to improve the management level and ability of production management personnel, and help the production site team leader to realize the transformation from production backbone to management backbone, so as to comprehensively promote the construction of on-site management and standardization of the company's production workshop.

The training took two days, and the training content closely followed the actual work, with rich content and strong applicability. The training began to review the progress of the last assignment, and to check for omissions in the first training. Then discuss issues related to PLM/ERP/BOM parameters, and review sales plans and capacity load operations. On the second day, the training was mainly aimed at order review work and process sorting, coaching promotion process and method exchange discussion & performance measurement index (KPI) explanation and formulation, master plan (MPS) formulation and function explanation. At the end of the training, work arrangement and guidance summary for this training. In addition, the actual cases in the work were used for on-site interaction with the participants. The participants listened carefully, recorded in detail, and discussed difficult issues in the explanation.

After the training, everyone thought that the training was not only a business recharge, but also a work boost. It made everyone deeply aware of the importance of learning, broadened everyone's horizons, enriched relevant professional knowledge, and injected new ideas for future team management. After returning, they must perform their duties and perform their duties, give full play to the role of each department, and organize thematic team management experience sharing and exchange meetings. Consolidate the foundation of team management in an all-round way, strive to achieve the dual improvement of personal ability and company development, use performance to prove their value, and contribute to the realization of the company's annual work performance.

Training and learning is an important content that promotes the continuous development and progress of enterprises, which is conducive to the rapid growth of corporate talents and is conducive to the vigorous development of enterprises. Mrefilter has always attached great importance to team learning and talent training, and each year has a corresponding training plan and specific implementation to realize the employees’ personal career development desires, and constantly improve Mrefilter’s cultural construction capabilities to boost Mrefilter. The corporate mission of the sustainable development of the Er brand!

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