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Thanksgiving mothers | Collection of photos for Mother's Day is out!

2021-05-09 View:

In order to welcome the arrival of Mother's Day on May 9, Merrill held a photo collection for Mother's Day to collect photos of Mother's Day from all female employees. Use photos to freeze love and continue to write the promises of the rest of your life; use words to say the most affectionate words in your heart, and share the beautiful memories of mother with everyone. This Mother’s Day photo collection activity has received enthusiastic submissions from everyone, now let us feel these warm moments together~

Each photo tells the story of their journey along the way. The photo may fade, but the memory will never fade. The mother's love for the child will last for a lifetime.

We are grateful to our mothers, for giving us the opportunity to come to this world, for their willingness to be our warmest and safe havens, for giving us love and for teaching us how to love. In this festival that belongs to them, Mrefilter sincerely wishes every mother happiness, thank you for your bravery and dedication. At the same time, Mrefilter also hopes that everyone can say "love you" to their mothers a lot, not just on Mother's Day.

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