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【Meiruier Filter】What to do if the car oil filter is replaced by the wrong one

2021-09-16 View:

It is recommended to change back to the same type of machine filter. If a different machine filter is installed, it may leak oil after running for a period of time.

Please execute in the following order:
1. Do not replace the "three filter" air filter, machine filter, and fuel filter when the car is stopped while the engine is working;
2. Unscrew the old filter. Some special wrenches may be used in this process;
3. Clean the sealing surface of the filter seat in contact with the sealing ring of the oil filter, please make sure to clean it;
4. Apply a layer of oil on the surface of the seal ring of the new oil filter, and then tighten it;
5. Start the engine and check if there is any oil leakage at the sealing surface. If so, please tighten the oil filter after stopping the machine and repeat step 5 until no oil leaks. At this point, the oil filter has been replaced.

The role of oil filter:
1. During the operation of the engine, mechanical impurities such as dust, metal wear, and carbon cleaning will continue to be mixed into the engine oil, and the engine oil will be oxidized by air and combustion exhaust gas to gradually produce gum;
2. Mechanical impurities and gum will form sludge after mixing, which will easily cause blockage of the oil circuit and accelerate the wear and tear of moving parts;
3. The function of the machine filter is to filter out harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan, supply pure machine oil, play the role of lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and cooling, thereby prolonging the life of these parts.

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