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【Meiruier Filter】How to judge the failure of the car's fuel water separator

2021-09-14 View:

If the fuel water separator is broken, there will be failures such as unstable or weak acceleration of the engine and emission of black smoke. The high-pressure fuel injector in the high-pressure common rail system needs to precisely control the fuel injection pressure, fuel injection time and fuel injection volume. The workmanship of the fuel injector is finer. If there is a problem with the fuel water separator, the water and impurities in the diesel fuel will wear and tear the plunger and even the parts of the fuel injector until the injector is stuck.

The failure indicator light of the automobile fuel water separator lights up, indicating that the fuel water separator has failed and stopped running, prompting the owner to stop for maintenance. The specific cause of the fuel water separator, flashing state: The fuel water separator cannot operate normally due to the excessive moisture content in the fuel filter.

1. The fuel water separator is a separator that uses the principle of gravity sedimentation to remove impurities and water based on the density difference between water and fuel. There are also separation elements such as diffusion cones and filter screens inside;
2. The fuel water separator has other functions, such as pre-heating the fuel to prevent waxing, filtering impurities, etc.;
3. It is a kind of fuel filter, and its main function is to remove the moisture in the diesel, so as to reduce the failure of the fuel injection nozzle and prolong the service life of the engine.

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