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【Meiruier Filter】Domestic filter market situation

2021-06-07 View:

In recent years, the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry has stimulated market demand for construction machinery parts, and of course it has inevitably brought business opportunities to the filter industry. According to statistics, although the number of existing domestic filter companies has reached more than 1,000 most of them are small companies, and there are even many small family workshops. In the entire industry, there are only more than 30 major companies listed in the national statistics, and few of them have their own brands and complete sales network channels.

The problem
First, most filter companies are small in scale, low in production concentration, low-level repeated construction is serious, and low-end products have overcapacity.
Second, the R&D and innovation capabilities of domestic filter companies are relatively weak. Some well-known foreign filter manufacturers have their own R&D centers, with strong independent development capabilities, and can be developed simultaneously with the main engine factory, or even in advance. In addition, they also have the capability of modular production and system supply. Domestic filter companies have weak product development capabilities and lack original technologies. Although most of the domestic host equipment has been localized, there are few brand-new products independently developed. It is difficult for most filter companies to intervene in the early-stage development of host companies, and cannot meet the requirements of systematic and modular supply.
Third, my country's filter production equipment, test equipment, filter materials, test materials, adhesives and other related industries are relatively backward, especially filter materials that rely heavily on imports. Although there are several domestic filter material manufacturers with acceptable quality, their production capacity is too small and the varieties are incomplete, which restricts the development of the filter industry.

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