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【Meiruier Filter】What is the reason for the organic oil of the motorcycle air fi

2021-05-31 View:

If there is organic oil in the air filter, it may be caused by the dumping of the motorcycle, or it may be caused by excessive oil. If there is only a small amount of oil in the air filter, then riders will not care. If there is a lot of oil in the air filter, it needs to be repaired. Engine oil is called the blood of the engine. If there is no oil in the engine, then the engine cannot run normally. When the engine is running, the oil will form an oil film on the surface of various parts in the engine, which can prevent the direct contact of various parts in the engine from causing friction. If the internal components are in direct contact to generate friction when the engine is running, then a large amount of heat will be generated inside the engine instantly, which is fatal to the engine. The performance of the oil will decrease after long-term use, so the oil needs to be replaced regularly. It is recommended that you change the engine oil regularly during normal use of the car. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will increase the wear of the engine. When changing the oil, the oil filter element needs to be replaced together. The oil filter element is used to filter the oil. If there is no oil filter element, the oil will be very dirty after a period of use, which will also affect the normal lubrication of the engine. When you use the car in normal times, you must maintain and replace the wearing parts on time, which can extend the life of the engine and keep the motorcycle in good condition.

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