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【Meiruier Filter】How much is the diesel coarse filter

2021-05-28 View:

Automobile diesel coarse filters are generally available in 50-500. It mainly depends on the car. The reasons for the need to replace the diesel coarse filter are: 
1. Generally speaking, it is recommended to change when 5000-10000 kilometers;
2. The function of the fuel filter is to filter the impurities in the automobile fuel to make the fuel supplied to the engine for combustion more pure. As the age of the vehicle increases, the mileage increases, and the fuel filter works for a long time and reaches a certain life cycle, which will cause the vehicle to lose speed, increase fuel consumption, increase noise, and reduce handling performance. There may be slight differences in maintenance intervals between different models. During major maintenance, the fuel filter is generally replaced at the same time as the engine oil, engine filter, and air filter;
3. The disassembly, assembly and replacement of the fuel filter is more complicated, do not do it yourself easily, it needs to be operated and installed by the professionals of the special shop;
4. Before purchasing goods, please verify the model, displacement and other information of your car to ensure that you buy the correct model of accessories;
5. When you feel that the vehicle speed is significantly reduced, the engine is not accelerating poorly, and the car is running weak, you should think that the fuel filter may have been blocked and you need to check it in time.

Fuel filter replacement steps:
1. Release the pressure in the fuel filter system to ensure that the oil will not spray out during the disassembly process;
2. Remove the old fuel filter from the base. And clean the mounting surface of the base;
3. Fill the new fuel filter with fuel;
4. Paint some oil on the surface of the new fuel filter seal ring to ensure the seal;
5. Install the new fuel filter on the base. When the sealing ring fits on the base, tighten 3-4 turns.

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