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【Meiruier Filter】How to clean the fuel pump

2021-04-29 View:

Regular maintenance and cleaning of automobile fuel pumps can extend the life of the engine. The fuel pumps should be cleaned in the following ways: 

1. Turn on the oil drain switch of the fuel tank, drain the oil, turn off the oil drain switch and the fuel supply switch at the same time, remove the fuel tank cap, oil filter and dipstick, and put 20-40L of clean diesel as clean oil depending on the size of the fuel tank;

2. Connect the hose of the air pump to the nozzle, and insert the lower part of the nozzle into the bottom of the fuel tank. When the air pressure of the air pump cylinder rises to 0.60.7MPa, the gate valve is opened, and the high-speed airflow enters the oil layer at the bottom of the tank from the nozzle. Stir and splash the diesel oil to clean the inside of the fuel tank. During the cleaning process, the gas cylinder pressure should be maintained at 0.40.5Mpa. In order to prevent oil mist from spraying out of the fuel tank, the mouth of the fuel tank must be blocked with gauze, so as not to affect the side-to-side swing of the nozzle;
3. Close the gate valve of the air cylinder, remove the nozzle, clean the oil in the tank, add 1530L of clean diesel, and clean once as described above. After cleaning, release the cleaned oil, install the oil filter, dipstick, and oil tank cap to complete the cleaning of the oil tank. The discharged cleaning oil can be used for cleaning other oil tanks or mechanical parts after precipitation.

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