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【Meiruier Filter】How often to change the engine oil filter

2021-04-02 View:

The replacement of the engine oil filter is not based on time, but based on the mileage traveled, and it can be replaced about 5000 kilometers. 

The oil filter mainly filters most of the impurities in the oil, keeps the standby oil clean and prolongs its normal service life. In addition, the oil filter should also have the performance of strong filtering capacity, low flow resistance, and long service life.

Oil filter effects:
1. Since the oil has to pass through the oil filter to reach the lubrication part, the function of the oil filter is to filter the impurities of the oil entering the engine system to prevent the continuous mixing of impurities and dust, metal scraps and colloidal substances formed by the oxidation of the engine oil during the cycle of use of the engine oil, the oil passage will be blocked, and the engine may even be damaged.
2. Gasoline is refined from crude oil through a complex process, and then transported to various fueling stations through a special route, and finally transported to the fuel tank of the vehicle owner. In this process, the impurities in the gasoline will inevitably enter the fuel tank. In addition, with the extension of the use time, the impurities will also increase;
3. In this way, the filter used to filter the fuel will be dirty, and if this continues, the filtering effect will be greatly reduced.

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