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【Meiruier Filter】What is the role of the fuel filter

2021-04-01 View:

The main function of the fuel filter is to filter out impurities in the gasoline.

Gasoline filter is a kind of fuel filter. Fuel filter includes both gasoline filter and diesel filter. Therefore, for gasoline vehicles, fuel filter is a gasoline filter.

Filter out harmful particles and moisture in the engine fuel gas system to protect the oil pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc., reduce wear and avoid clogging.

Remove the iron oxide, dust and other solid impurities contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from clogging (especially the fuel injection nozzle). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability. 

When the engine is working, the fuel passes through the fuel inlet pipe and enters the sedimentation cup of the gasoline filter under the action of the gasoline pump. As the product becomes larger and the flow rate becomes smaller at this time, dense water and impurity particles settle at the bottom of the cup, and impurities lighter than oil flow to the filter element with the fuel. The clean fuel infiltrates into the part of the filter element from the pores of the filter element, and then flows out through the fuel pipe.

The fuel filter is recommended to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers, and the fuel tank is replaced with a fuel filter of 40,000 to 80,000 kilometers. However, the maintenance cycle between different models may be slightly different. When doing major maintenance on the car, the fuel filter generally needs to be replaced at the same time as the engine oil, engine filter, and air filter.

As the age of the vehicle increases, the mileage increases, and the fuel filter works for a long time and reaches a certain life cycle, which will cause the vehicle to speed up weakly, reduce handling performance, increase noise, increase fuel consumption, and even accelerate flameout.

Choose a high-quality fuel filter, because inferior fuel filters often lead to poor fuel supply, insufficient vehicle power or even flameout; if impurities are not filtered, over time, the oil circuit and fuel injection system will also be corroded and damaged.

When you feel that the vehicle speed is significantly reduced, the engine is not accelerating poorly, and the vehicle is running weak, you should think that the fuel filter may have been blocked, and you must check it in time.

The filter has an arrow mark on the inlet and outlet ports. Do not install it backwards when replacing it. After replacing the fuel filter, pay attention to the seal of the interface and be alert for oil leakage.

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