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【Meiruier Filter】What is the function of the oil grid

2021-03-03 View:

The oil grid is the abbreviation of the oil filter, one of the three filters, the main function is: Filter the oil in the engine to improve its cleanliness and lubrication, and supply the crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, supercharger, piston ring and other motion pairs with clean oil. Play the role of lubrication, cooling and cleaning, thereby reducing the wear of the engine, making it play the best function, and extending the life of these parts. oil grid

The role of automobile oil grid:

1. The oil grid is a common name, the real scientific name is the oil filter; as the name suggests, this item is used to filter the oil. The main role of oil in the automotive lubrication system is lubrication, rust prevention, sealing, cleaning, cooling, etc.;
2. The metal friction parts inside the engine are lubricated and protected by engine oil, and as the use time accumulates, the wear debris from the metal wear will enter the engine oil. If special equipment is not used, the metal scraps, iron scraps, aluminum scraps, etc. in the oil will be raging inside the engine along with the oil circulation, which in turn will cause the engine to encounter greater safety threats;
3. Therefore, the existence of the oil filter is to separate the solids in the oil from the oil. The lubrication system of any car is equipped with an oil filter, but the model may be different. I am not sure whether the oil filter obtained from your activity is the matching model of your car; I suggest you seek help from a professional car maintenance organization, and ask a technician to confirm whether the oil filter obtained from your activity is suitable for your car.

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