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Auto first maintenance, minor maintenance, major maintenance

2021-01-13 View:

  Car maintenance refers to the routine maintenance and inspection items specified by the manufacturer to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle after the vehicle has been driven for a certain period of time or mileage. It is a basic skill for car owners to master certain common sense of car maintenance. It is good to learn some maintenance knowledge, if there are some minor problems in the car, you can easily fix it by yourself.

How long is the maintenance period?

  The maintenance cycle depends on the grade and grade of the oil used. Different grades of engine oil have very different validity periods. For example: the validity period of mineral oil is 5000 kilometers or three months; the validity period of semi-synthetic motor oil is 7,500 kilometers or half a year; the validity period of fully synthetic motor oil is 10,000 kilometers or one year. You can also follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

First maintenance

  In the new car buying process, many car owners wonder who should first listen to? There are different opinions... five thousand, three thousand, how to run in, how to save fuel, and many other issues! Don’t worry too much and don’t take care of it too much. The first insurance for 3000 kilometers and 5000 kilometers will be fine (or half a year). The first maintenance is to adapt to the adaptability of each component during the running-in period of the new engine. During the running-in period, the best speed is less than 120km per hour, and it is best to run at high speed several times (depending on the condition of the vehicle) for a long distance of 3000 kilometers and 5000 kilometers. During the running-in period, fuel consumption or fuel saving is uncertain, and the measurement is uncertain during this period.

Minor maintenance

  Minor maintenance generally refers to routine maintenance items that are done at the time or mileage specified by the manufacturer to protect the performance of the vehicle after a certain distance. Mainly include changing the oil and oil filter.

Minor maintenance interval:
  The time for minor maintenance depends on the effective time or mileage of the used oil and oil filter. Different brand grades of mineral engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil, and fully-synthetic engine oil have different validity periods, and the manufacturer’s recommendation shall prevail. The oil filter element is generally divided into two types: conventional and long-acting. The conventional oil filter is replaced with the oil together, and the long-acting oil filter can last longer.

Minor maintenance supplies:
  1.Engine oil is the lubricating oil for engine operation. It can lubricate, clean, cool, seal and reduce wear on the engine. It is of great significance to reduce the wear of engine parts and extend the service life.
  2.The oil filter is a component that filters the oil. Engine oil contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, moisture and additives. During the working process of the engine, the metal shavings generated by the friction of various parts, the impurities in the inhaled air, the oil oxides, etc., are all filtered by the oil filter. If the engine oil is not filtered and enters the oil circuit directly, it will have an adverse effect on the performance and life of the engine.

Major maintenance

  Minor maintenance items are covered by major maintenance. This means that every time a major maintenance, all the items included in the minor maintenance are generally executed. The major maintenance items are different in detail according to different vehicle designs of different manufacturers. But in general, it will have a simple commonality. The content of the major maintenance is the replacement of the oil and regular maintenance of the oil filter, air filter, and gasoline filter.

Major maintenance intervals:
  Major maintenance is based on the existence of minor maintenance, and generally these two maintenance are performed alternately. The interval varies with different car brands and models, please refer to the manufacturer's recommendation for details.

Supplies under major maintenance:
  In addition to changing the oil and oil filter, there are two other items in the car maintenance:
  1.Air filter
  The engine needs to suck in a large amount of air during the working process. If the air is not filtered, the dust in it will accelerate the wear of the piston group and cylinder. Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder, which can also cause serious "cylinder pulling". The function of the air filter is to filter out dust and particles in the air, and to ensure that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder.
  2.Gasoline filter
  The function of the gasoline filter is to provide clean fuel for the engine and filter out the moisture and impurities of the gasoline. So as to optimize the engine performance, but also provide the best protection for the engine.

  Usually during car maintenance, the operator will do other inspections according to the specific conditions of the car, and other maintenance items will be added. After the car has traveled for a certain number of kilometers(After 30,000, or more), the entire car system needs major maintenance. Such as: brake, steering, power assist, gearbox, all need to be replaced, of course some are unnecessary(Antifreeze, timing belt, etc. may depend on the situation, don’t be fooled), as for the cleaning of these items of course it is a good job! The key is that the cost is too expensive, the effect is there, but it will not be obvious! Other safety components such as tires, brake pads, and these must be checked carefully.

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