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Oil-bath air filter VS Desert double-stage air filter

2016-07-29 View:

Oil-bath air filter

To solve the problem of early stage of the engines that under poor environment, SINOTRUK developed oil-bath air filter and compound air filter. The combination of the oil-bath air filter or felt paper element air filter can improve the efficiency of the air filter, and extend lifespan of the engines, lower the oil consumption.

Nowadays, this kind of combination will be used under poor environment in foreign county. Compared with the  international similar products, oil-bath air filter has advantages in tiny size, remarkable energy-saving, and the engines’ service efficiency is more over 20% than traditional air filter.

The instruction of the oil-bath air filter:

1.No refueling the oil before the new trucks put into the market.filter

2.Refuel the oil before it put into use,oil viscosity must be similar to the oil of the simultaneous engines.

3.Avoid over refueling, the limit is 5L.

4.The filter assembly should be replaced while the oil is not immobilized. Under the poor using condition, the oil should be cleaned everyday. The filter can be used for 80-150h generally. The oil filter element can use for  a long time, but air filter element need to replaced based on the actual situation.

5.Make sure the connection of the shell and the base shell is tight.

6.The butterfly nut of the bottom of the filter element should be removed before clean the filter assembly.

Desert double-stage air filter

A kind of desert double-stage air filter including the coarse filter and fine filter. Coarse filter and fine filter are integral structure, and the air outlet of coarse filter connect with the air inlet of fine filter. This kind of filter is tiny and easy to install , and has compact structure and nice appearance, little air intake resistance ,high filtration efficiency. The filtration efficiency can be 99.8%.


The maintenance method of desert double-stage air filter:

1.Maintain the filter element every 5000 miles.

2.Take out the filter element while maintaining the filter, turn around one side of filter, and use the compressed air(below 588kPa) to blow the filter from inside to outside.

3.Stop refueling and water clean the filter element.

4.Please replace the outer element and safe element after maintained for 5 times or used for 30000 miles. In some dusty area, the replacement period can be shorted.

5.The dedusting value should be vertical downward, push the dust bag randomly.

6.Take out the out element and safe element while maintaining the coarse filter, and ues the compressed air to move out the dust.

7.The quality of filter is quite important for the service life and power consumption of the engine, so choose the original filter as much as possible.


It is essential to avoid the dust blow into the air inlet of the engines, otherwise it will resulted in serious harm. 

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