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About three filters for heavy duty

2016-07-28 View:

About three filters for heavy duty, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter.


The main function of oil filters is to remove the dust and particles of oil in order to protect the engine. 

filterThe oil which is after filtration is provided tobent axle,  connecting rod,camshaft,  Supercharger, piston ring and some other parts, which can has the function oflubrication, cooling And cleaning,  thus it can prolong the lifetime of the parts Spin–on filter is the most common filters,  whose inside are back-pressure valve, bypass-valve, there is just one sealing point which can be changed wholly, so that it can improve theleakproofness and also it can be changed easily. 

The filter paper is mostly imported from foreign countries, so the filtration effienciy is high, the flow resistance is small and the lifetime is long.


Fuel filter, the device of fuel filtration, which is cascade in thePipeline of oil inlet that is among the fuel pump and throttle valve.It is Usually located in one side of the common rail system of the engine. It can get better quality of fuel through it, which can protect the engine to make it work regularly, reducing the wearing, avoiding the blocking, so that it can prolong the lifetime of the engine. It can be used to filtrate the harmfulimpuritiesand the water in the fuel.



The operation on the air filter and diesel engine need the efficient mix of air and diesel, if there is any impurity in the air, it will influence the combustion efficiency even damage the engine.

Air filters are arranged on the intake system in front of the engine intake pipe, the main function is that filtrate the air about to inter the air cylinder, so that reduce the early wear of the cylinder, plunger, plunger ring, air value and air seat, improve the durability of the engine. According the types of the construction, it can be divided into wet and dry, and wet-type air filter including oil-immersed and oil-bath two types.

As for trucks, especially under the poor environment of shop truck, its air filter must be multilevel,  twin-stage dry-type air filter and wetting-drying combination air filter come into use at the same time, it’s most common use oil-bath and dry-type combination air filter for shop truck.


At present, the filter market filled with the inferior and fake products, though with low price, the filter’s life are short, and are not be able to filtrate the impurity. So it is important to choose original high quality products.

In addition, as for the truck used consumables, not only is important to innovative the technology and optimize structure, but also need to maintain the filter. The more often observing in daily driving and scheduled maintenance, more efficiency and safe truck will be.


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