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Influence of inferior filter on engine

2016-07-27 View:

1. When using filter paper with low price, because of its large size, bad uniformity, low filtration efficiency, it cannot filtrate the harmful impurities for the engine, at a result, made the engine in early wear.

2. Use low quality adhesive, and the amount is very small, it cannot save oil, but couldn’t be firmly bonded either, resulting in a short circuit of the filter adhesive.

Or a filter element joints using stapler nail connection, cannot be sealed and cause short circuit, so that a large number of harmful impurities enter the engine, as a result, reduce engine life.

3. Use ordinary rubber substitute oil resistant rubber parts, in the process of using or due to an internal seal failure of internal short circuit in the filter, resulting in engine early wear life reduction or by external seal swelling deformation, made oil filter outer sealing out, in a short time a large amount of oil leakage, make the engine burn tile, axle, suffered serious damage.

4. Air filter shell parts welding spot welding seam welding a substitution cannot guarantee the sealing, forming a short circuit.

5. Oil filter center tube use thin material instead the thick one, insufficient strength, because of the center tube suction deflated in using, filter damaged block up the circuit of oil, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the engine.

Orbite reliability bad, in the process of using the bite open, resulting in a large number of oil leakage in a short time, resulting in burning tile, hold the shaft.

6. withoutrust prevention, the filter cover, center tube, housing and some other metal parts, will be rustiness and produce impurities, so that made the filter become a sourse of polution.

What’s more, some even use concrete instead adhesive, the harmfulness is bigger.Therefore, bad filter the cost is too much high, we kindly suggest you should be cautious in changing filter. You’d better use the parts in original, so that can avoid unnecessary lose.

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