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Fuel filter maintenance

2016-07-26 View:

AnHui Meiruier Filter CO., LTD.There are three mainly kinds of fuel filter: dieselfilter, gaseline filter, natural gas filter.
The mainfunction of fuel filter is to filtrate the fuelof the engine , remove the impurities , absorb the moisture and so on , which can protect the part of engine, and reduce the abrasioneffectively. Thus, it is important to clean the fuel filter. Fuel filter is arranged on the pipeline between the fuel pump and the inlet of the throttle valve body. The components of the fuel filter arealuminum cover and stainlesssteelshell, and there is efficient filter paper attach on that shell. The filter ofefi filter and carburetor are not able to be in common use.Because efi filter sustain the pressure range from 200kPa to 300kPa regularly, Thus , this kind of filter’s compressionstrength is required to be above the 500kPa, which the carburetor filter can notreach to. 

There is a suggestion for everyone to replace the fuel filter every 30000 km.
The driving distance should be shorted while the impuritycontent is big.
The arrow on the fuel filter indicates the direction of the fuel flow, it is not allowed to install reversely. And it also should be replaced even install reverselyfor a short time.
Friendly reminder: fuel filter belongs to consumables, which needed regular maintenance for new, otherwise it will reduce the protective efficacy of engines.Formore details, you can look upour production instruction. 

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