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The misunderstanding of the maintance of air filters

2016-07-25 View:

The necessity of maintancing air filters
With the environment polluted heavily, the content of the suspended particle that can be absorbed in the air becomes more and more higher. If these particles enter into the Automobile enginer, it will cause a lot of colloidal material and and tiny wearing particles, which will affect theengine’s buringsufficiency. And thus enter into the engine’s cylinder and piston, causing the worn of the related parts of the piston, which decreasing the performance of the engine While the function of the air filter is to creat a Filtration barrier before the air enters to thecylinder , it can prevents the suspended particle outside thecylinder totally while guaranteesufficient air inflow, which ensure the engine power won’t damage.

The common misunderstandings of air fitlermaintance
1. Attach little importance to the quality of air filter which purchasing While many car owners will choose 4S shop when changing air filters, with the deep understanding of the car structures, it is also quite simple to change by themselves.No matter changing in the 4S shop or by themselves, it will refer to buying a new air filter.But there are many car owners who doesn’t  have a r ight understanding of the function of air filters, they usually choose cheap and bad quality air filter whosefilter capacityis limited, especially for tiny .suspended particle and also the physical stability is bad. If used for a long time,  it will cause engine performance decreasing and thus increasing fuel consumption.

2. tearing downthe air filter when using 

Some car owners think that air filter has little function, when a new car used for a time, the air filter is blocked completely, they tear down and not change another one. It may not affect the the performance of automobile engine in a short time, but for the long run, it will wear the engine seriously. There are stastics shows that if there is no air filters, the wear rate will be over eight times, the piston be three times while the piston ring be nine times.

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3. the maintance of the air filter is not flexible
while most car owners know the importance of changing air filters, but when changing the filters, they are restricted toCar maintenance operation instruction, following the milage that they provided to change filters. But as the pollution level in each city is different, so the related quantity of suspended particle is different. If in the heavily polluted northern city, the change and maintance of filter can not be done easily according to the instruction, usually the car status is obviously abnormal, so the maintance period should be shortened and  improve the filter quality. This is the right way of mantanice.

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